Integra’s live music acts, our schools programme, individual musical tuition and academic tutoring have been lauded by clients, teachers and the parents of the children we teach. Here are some of their testimonials:

A Parent Wrote: “With Jonathan I feel that I get excellent value for money for music tuition and importantly my children enjoy their lessons. The lesson pace is fast and the children progress well. The technical aspect of Jonathan’s teaching is first class. My children happily practise what they have been taught as they are eager to get on. Teaching isn’t only about exam success; it has enabled my children to enjoy their music despite academic pressure from school work. They confidently take part in music performances both inside and outside school and to audition for great roles. Socially their music has given them fantastic opportunities and I am grateful to Jonathan for his part in this.”

One Pupil Said: “I can thoroughly recommend Theresa as a music teacher. I am taught by Theresa and I find her a fantastic teacher, in many respects. The quality of her teaching is faultless, and all my lesson time spent with Theresa is thoroughly enjoyable! Theresa places an emphasis on sound technical grounding, and believes that good technique is essential in music. She ensures that I am well prepared for upcoming exams, and covers any qualms or queries I may have soundly, so that I might achieve the best result possible… I always aim for a distinction in my music grades and I know Theresa supports that too.”

Another Parent Wrote: “My girls are coming on leaps and bounds (both educationally and in personality). I wish to thank you for your superb efforts and excellent advice. Because of you, they have really moved forward in so many ways. If being a teacher is about changing lives for the better, you really nailed that and more with my girls, and I am very, very grateful. Thank you.”

A Teacher Wrote: “The concert was brilliant, the orchestra was a credit to you. Thank you for your excellent work. Looking forward to working again with you next academic year.” Woodlands Junior School Tonbridge.

Academic Tuition

Parents whose children were guided by Integra tutors through 11+, 12+, scholarship or entrance exams, GCSEs and A-Levels were asked for their comments. Here are some of their replies:

Did your child make clear progress during the duration of tuition? 

“Assessment of our daughter initially was a pass at 11+. Her results were a full marks score of 140 in every paper.1:1 tuition with an excellent tutor speaks for itself. Although our daughter was never considered borderline, her exceptional pass mark of 140 in every paper clearly showed the benefit of 1:1 tuition.”

“Our daughter wanted to go to a Grammar School which was selective in its admissions policy taking students with the highest possible marks. We left nothing to chance and subscribed to an excellent tutor to manage the learning styles and technique required for the 11+ examinations.”

Did you feel that an accurate initial assessment was made of your child’s academic needs?

“An early assessment helped fill in missing gaps of knowledge for our daughter; also the opportunity to revisit subjects of limited understanding with a new and fresh approach to the class teacher. Knowledge books were compiled and these were an amazing asset”.

“An early assessment in Year 4 gave us time to approach the 11+ with grace not speed. We did not believe cramming in year 5 was right for our daughter as she could have suffered with anxiety and confidence issues. By subscribing to the best tutor we could, our family time was definitely quality family time as we did not involve ourselves with the process of tutoring and related homework. Following each weekly lesson we were made aware of the focus and challenges set for our daughter for the week ahead.”

“Our daughter became an independent learner following the advice and encouragement given during weekly tutor sessions. Her focus and managing her time were key qualities attained in the tutor sessions and carried on in her independent learning.”

Did you feel any questions or concerns you raised were answered/acted upon professionally?

“Any questions or concerns raised with the tutor were dealt with speedily and with upmost professionalism. My daughter looked forward to her tutor sessions and believe me she is not the most studious child. The approach was modern, yet traditional, focused and totally customised to the child; all in all a very rewarding experience.”

“My child was never worried to ask for additional help from the tutor or explain why she found something challenging; she learnt how rewarding overcoming difficulties was.”